About Us

Design Capacity

  Tianduan owns the national hydraulic press professional institute and national hydraulic press standardization technology committee, now the R&D has 221 technicians, 39 of them are the experts in this industry. The research center consists of mechanical design institute, hydraulic design institute, electric design institute, remote control lab, electric system test lab, inspection lab and so on. The research center equips with hundreds of high-tech equipment to support the technicians.

  Tianduan invented some new technologies in hydraulic press design and manufacture, until now, Tianduan has more than 720 patents which is more than 80% of hydraulic press industry. Tianduan has more than 50% market share of large size hydraulic press, 90% market share of ship building press, isothermal forging press and multi-station press, and 90% market share of high-level composite material forming hydraulic press.